Hydrosol Mist Uses

Did you buy some of our Hydrosol Mist this weekend at Family & Friends Day? Want to know all the things you can use it for? Here's a great article from Pelindaba Lavender about the many uses of Hydrosol!


July 20th Update

On July 20, we began the first Grosso harvest of 2015.  Monday afternoon, we collected over 250 bundles which will be dried and used for potpourri and sachets as well as dried stocks.  The harvesting of Grosso will continue for at least a week.  In addition, we continue to harvest fresh Folgate, Royal Velvet and Melissa bundles for daily sale on the farm and for steam distillation.  The steam distiller will be in use daily until mid August as we produce essential oil and hyrdosol (lavender water) for sale.  Our niece Julia has been helping out these past two weeks and we are grateful for the extra pair of hands and strong back!!

2015 Harvest now underway!

The 2015 harvest is now underway. Folgate, Royal Velvet and Mellisa stocks are now on the dryer waiting to be stripped of their buds for use in sachets and potpourri.  We have also begun harvesting Folgate to distill for hydrosol (we are calling the product Lavender Mist) and essential oil. Currently, it takes the stocks and flowers of 22 plants to generate a gallon and a half of hydrosol (a mix of lavender oil and water) and 4 ounces of essential oil. Both the lavender mist and the essential oil will now cure for a month for they can be sold. Check our web site in a the coming weeks for availability of essential oil and lavender mist.

The new 20 gallon distiller is working well, but each distilling session takes nearly 5 hours from beginning to end. We are excited so far by the quality and clarity of the oil and hydrosol.

On July 12, the Shelburne Horticultural Society toured the farm seeing the harvesting process from beginning to end.   If nothing else, we think they were impressed by the amount of physical labour required to maintain the plants and generate items for sale.

When we are working in the fields, we have decided to offer for sale fresh lavender bundles on site only. Watch for our road side signs if you are in our area or check our FaceBook site for news of farm site sales.

Enjoy your summer and stay tuned for news about product availability soon!

Summer 2015 so far

We are just days away from our first harvest of 2015!  After a particularly difficult winter for our Grosso plants, we are delighted to see the Folgate, Royal Velvet and Melissa (a white colored lavender) cultivars performing so well. 

 It was a rough winter for our Grosso plants. Luckily the Cement blocks survived just fine.

It was a rough winter for our Grosso plants. Luckily the Cement blocks survived just fine.


We had a very busy spring building new drying racks and a mechanized bud stripper. And we are excited by the arrival of a new 20 gallon/80 liter steam distiller. This will enable us to produce higher quantities of essential oil and hydrosol (lavender water).  The larger volume of oil will enable our team to produce more amazing lavender based products for your enjoyment.  Stay tuned for some exciting news about our new product offerings very soon!

 Our new drying racks that can hold over 100 bundles and collapse for easy storage!

Our new drying racks that can hold over 100 bundles and collapse for easy storage!


First off the fields will be Folgate - and that means the steam distillation of that wonderfully fragrant essential oil and hydrosol (lavender water) will soon follow.  Details on the Grosso, Royal Velvet and Melissa harvests and product offerings will soon be available as the season progresses.  We worked very hard to prune back the winter damaged Grosso plants and while the harvest of Grosso will not be as large as we had hoped, we will have dried Grosso stocks for sale later this summer.

All our pruning work has paid off

In the meantime, the fields look terrific. We planted 1,080 new plants in May to replace the Grosso winter kill and augment the Folgate, Royal Velvet and Melissa cultivars and they are all doing well in their new homes.  Now if we could only find a way to get rid of the asthetically challenged cement blocks that help hold down the landscape fabric. Perhaps we should paint them a lavender colour to help them blend in!  Next year, when we expand our number of plants in the Brook field, we'll look at an alternative planting method.

 Flogate lavender on a spring evening.

Flogate lavender on a spring evening.

As they say in the digital media realm - we'll keep you posted!  Have a great summer everyone.

Want to build trust? Try Lavender!

"new study published in the journal Frontiers Psychology suggests that the calming scent of lavender—as opposed to more stimulating smells like peppermint—is capable of fostering interpersonal trust. Scientists have long known that certain aromatic compounds can have an effect on a person’s cognitive or psychological well-being, but this is the first time they’ve found a direct link between a particular smell and the phenomenon of trust."


Summer 2014 So Far!

It’s been a very busy summer.   We spent the first part of the summer laying more landscape blocks and repairing winter damage on the tarps and then planting another 3,500 Grosso, Folgate, Royal Velvet and Melissa plugs.  We suffered quite a bit of plant loss over the winter so at least half of the new planting (especially Grosso) went to replacing winter kill. 


Much to our surprise, by the middle of June, our first year Folgate plants required harvesting.  We assembled about 300 bundles of Folgate, but didn’t have a steam distiller available at that time to produce essential oil.  We’ll likely end up using these bundles for sachets and similar products.


Around the third week of July, we can harvesting stocks from the first year Grosso plants.  We’ll likely have around 300 bundles of Grosso drying by the first week of August – many ready for sale by then.  We bought a small (20 litre) steam distiller as a test in order to produce essential oil and hydrosol.  We used the fresh Grosso stocks and were successful in producing the two distilled products.   During the fall of 2014, we will start testing products which we hopefully will bring to market by the fall of 2015.


Over the last few weeks of August, we start selling dried bundles to the public and to various retail outlets in our area.   As soon as we have confirmation of the outlets, we will provide a list on the web site and on Facebook.


Enjoy the remainder of the summer and thank you for following our lavender adventure!

Our 2014 Calendar

Even though the weather doesn't indicate it, spring is here and so we are now preparing for our new crop of lavender. We learned so much last year, and part of what we learned is that sometimes a schedule has to change, however, here is the schedule for this spring!

May 3 marking all the holes and burning 1500.
May 15/16 pick up 1500 plants
May 17-19 planting
June 17-18 burn remaining holes
June 19/20 pick up plants
June 21-22 planting

We'll be sure to update the blog as we go! Wish us luck.