The 2016 season begins! Lavender plants are now available at the farm. Six plants (2-3 inches) for $25 plus tax. This is a time limited offer so hurry!

Thankfully, the 2016 winter season was a little kinder to the lavender plants than the previous 2 winters.  But there is still some winter kill to trim and of course weeding to do in advance of a new batch (2,000) of plants arriving very soon.  Due to many requests, we will have a limited number of live Folgate plants available for sale a few days after we pick up this year's shipment.  Subject to change, we expect to be in possession of the new plants by Saturday June 11, 2016.  Please check this website or Facebook to confirm the date/hours and price.  All sales will be here at the farm.  We will be selling the Folgate in flats of 6.  In case you were wondering why we are only selling Folgate, we have found this cultivar to be the hardiest for our area - even through the winters of 2014 and 2015.  

Given the warmer than normal temperatures lately, we may see an earlier than normal blooming of the Folgate.  Time will tell!

We look forward to a great season and wish to thank our customers and retailers for their support over the past two years  

Best wishes for a great summer!

The Dawn Brook Lavender Team