The end of the 2015 harvest

August 31, we harvested the last of the Grosso cultivar.  A harvest that began with Folgate in late June, followed by Royal Velvet and then Mellisa in July and now Grosso in August marks the end of our  lavender growing season for this year. We still have some second growth on the  Meliisa and Royal Velvet  cultivars to harvest for wreaths and dried stocks, but they won't provide enough material for the production of hydrosol mist (lavender oil and water) or essential oil. 

However, during the course of the summer, we were able to distill good quantities of our lavender mist (hydrosol) and essential oil from three of our four cultivars. The scent from each is slightly different and we have had a great deal of fun with our farm customers and friends finding the fragrance they like the best. 

 Our lavender testing station. Melissa was the clear winner!

Our lavender testing station. Melissa was the clear winner!

We continue to produce more unique wreath designs in various sizes and we have a great supply of lavender oil (3 different sizes and from the Folgate, Melissa and Grosso cultivars).  As a result, our Lavender Mist also is available now in 3 different scents. 

Dried lavender bundles are now also being sold through Fiddle Foot Farm at the Orangeville and Creemore Farmers’ Markets. And beginning next week, we will begin selling our own lavender soap!  We are very excited about this latest expansion to our product offerings. 

So with the distillation and harvesting season now over, the Dawn Brook Lavender team (Leslie, Kimberley, Jacquelyn, Vic and Bryan), are now focused on the creation of lavender products that we hope will meet your decorating, health, household and pet needs.