2015 Harvest now underway!

The 2015 harvest is now underway. Folgate, Royal Velvet and Mellisa stocks are now on the dryer waiting to be stripped of their buds for use in sachets and potpourri.  We have also begun harvesting Folgate to distill for hydrosol (we are calling the product Lavender Mist) and essential oil. Currently, it takes the stocks and flowers of 22 plants to generate a gallon and a half of hydrosol (a mix of lavender oil and water) and 4 ounces of essential oil. Both the lavender mist and the essential oil will now cure for a month for they can be sold. Check our web site in a the coming weeks for availability of essential oil and lavender mist.

The new 20 gallon distiller is working well, but each distilling session takes nearly 5 hours from beginning to end. We are excited so far by the quality and clarity of the oil and hydrosol.

On July 12, the Shelburne Horticultural Society toured the farm seeing the harvesting process from beginning to end.   If nothing else, we think they were impressed by the amount of physical labour required to maintain the plants and generate items for sale.

When we are working in the fields, we have decided to offer for sale fresh lavender bundles on site only. Watch for our road side signs if you are in our area or check our FaceBook site for news of farm site sales.

Enjoy your summer and stay tuned for news about product availability soon!