Summer 2014 So Far!

It’s been a very busy summer.   We spent the first part of the summer laying more landscape blocks and repairing winter damage on the tarps and then planting another 3,500 Grosso, Folgate, Royal Velvet and Melissa plugs.  We suffered quite a bit of plant loss over the winter so at least half of the new planting (especially Grosso) went to replacing winter kill. 


Much to our surprise, by the middle of June, our first year Folgate plants required harvesting.  We assembled about 300 bundles of Folgate, but didn’t have a steam distiller available at that time to produce essential oil.  We’ll likely end up using these bundles for sachets and similar products.


Around the third week of July, we can harvesting stocks from the first year Grosso plants.  We’ll likely have around 300 bundles of Grosso drying by the first week of August – many ready for sale by then.  We bought a small (20 litre) steam distiller as a test in order to produce essential oil and hydrosol.  We used the fresh Grosso stocks and were successful in producing the two distilled products.   During the fall of 2014, we will start testing products which we hopefully will bring to market by the fall of 2015.


Over the last few weeks of August, we start selling dried bundles to the public and to various retail outlets in our area.   As soon as we have confirmation of the outlets, we will provide a list on the web site and on Facebook.


Enjoy the remainder of the summer and thank you for following our lavender adventure!