June 29th, 2013

Good evening everyone,

We spent a full day today marking the lavender plant locations in both fields.  We still have more to do in the largest field, but we should be finished that job by noon tomorrow.  Next on our agenda is burning the holes where the paint blobs are so we can do the planting – hopefully beginning Thursday of next week (assuming the plants arrive on time).  It was a cool windy day which worked out fine – no bugs and no sun burns.  Progress.

We hope you all had a great day wherever you may be.

Take care,

The Partners of Dawn Brook Lavender


How did we make sure the fields and rows were square? We used the 3-4-5 method with very large amounts of string! We then marked the horizontal strings at 5ft using masking tape, and the vertical strings at 3 feet using the spray paint and then just followed the lines!