And the season is over......

It's hard to believe, but as of today, Sept. 4, 2017, this year's harvest and essential oil distillation are finished.  We still have two more Mulmur Farmers' Markets (Dufferin County Museum at Airport Road and Highway 89) on September 17th and 24th and then it's on to Christmas Craft Fairs for the rest of the year.  Check back on our website, Facebook or Instagram for details about the craft fairs or please visit Seasons in Creemore, The Olde Stanton Stores in Mansfield and Blue Mountain (Collingwood), or Granny Taught Us How in Violet Hill for our products.  You can also order on-line.

We'd like to thank all of the people who came to visit us at the farm this year.  We met people from Jerusalem to Siberia and points in between.  It was an amazing experience for us and we are thrilled to have met so many new friends.

We'd also like to thank Ella, from Edmonton, Julia from Antigonish, Nova Scotia (via Dubai), and Christian, who is currently in Greece, for working on the farm this season.  Fortunately, we also had lots of family and friends who came out to help us as well.  We couldn't have done it without you all.  We are very lucky!

And to our many customers and retailers -thank you for your support.  We truly appreciate it.

Best wishes to one and all for a terrific fall and end of 2017,

Bryan, Leslie, Jacquelyn, Kimberley and Vic

Better Late Than Never

Today, June 16 we finally see a hint of colour in our lavender fields.  The flowers are nearly two weeks behind where they usually are this time of year, but the warm temperatures have really helped getting things back on track.  This winter was not kind to the Grosso cultivar (French lavender) due to the wild temperature swings, but after some aggressive trimming, most of the plants have come back successfully.  We did lose a few however - mostly in the south field in an area where there was a lot of residual moisture from late snow and heavy and persistent spring rain.

We've had lots of calls from local photographers and people wanting tours, but sadly this season's slow start has meant there really isn't much to see or photograph yet.  Be patient.  In another two weeks, there will be lots of colour in the fields.

So, another season (our fourth), is about to begin.  We look forward to seeing you here at the farm on July 30th, 2017 for our open house.  Details will be available on this website and on our Facebook page.  We have a number of new products available and we are excited about working with Embody Nature ( from Barrie which is using our oil in the body lotion, soaps, lip balm and bath salts Laura Davis has created for us.  Lorraine, at Fernstone Naturals is again producing our lavender scented pure beeswax candles.  All of our products are available from our on-line store, at our booth at the Mulmur Farmers' Market (check for dates) and some of our wares can be purchased at The Olde Stanton Stores in Stanton and Blue Mountain, Season's in Creemore and at Granny Taught Us How near Violet Hill.

That's it for now.  Back in touch as the season progresses.  Be well!

Leslie, Bryan, Kimberley, Vic and Jacquelyn


2016 Craft Show Season is here!

This year, Dawn Brook Lavender is headed on the road in November and December to showcase our products at some great craft shows near Mulmur and Hamilton, Ontario. If you've been wanting to see and smell our products in person, these shows are a great opportunity to check us out and buy products at over 10% off our retail prices! 

Check out our schedule here:

November 5th & 6th - Ancaster Lions Club Fall Craft Show in Ancaster

November 20th - Frosty's Christmas Craft & Vendor Show in Barrie

November 26th - Stuffed! Holiday Shopping Event in Hamilton

December 3rd - Christmas in Horning's Mills in Mulmur

December 3rd - Creemore Christmas Market in Creemore

Looking forward to seeing you all there!! PS- Mention this blog post and get an extra 5% off your entire order!!

Planting begins and plants for sale!

June 10, 2016

Two thousand (2,000) new plants have arrived safely and in great shape after being shipped on Monday from our grower in Washington State.  We are busy planting these new additions now while keeping a close watch on the Folgate plants as they are just about ready to bud. So far, the growing season is off to a good start!

If you are interested in purchasing your own lavender plants, now is the time to see us at the farm.  We will be selling plants for a limited time only as these seedlings need to find a home in good earth soon.  Plants are available for $5 each or 6 for $25 plus tax.  These seedlings are 2 to 3 inches high.  Don't wait.  Come and see us now!


The 2016 season begins! Lavender plants are now available at the farm. Six plants (2-3 inches) for $25 plus tax. This is a time limited offer so hurry!

Thankfully, the 2016 winter season was a little kinder to the lavender plants than the previous 2 winters.  But there is still some winter kill to trim and of course weeding to do in advance of a new batch (2,000) of plants arriving very soon.  Due to many requests, we will have a limited number of live Folgate plants available for sale a few days after we pick up this year's shipment.  Subject to change, we expect to be in possession of the new plants by Saturday June 11, 2016.  Please check this website or Facebook to confirm the date/hours and price.  All sales will be here at the farm.  We will be selling the Folgate in flats of 6.  In case you were wondering why we are only selling Folgate, we have found this cultivar to be the hardiest for our area - even through the winters of 2014 and 2015.  

Given the warmer than normal temperatures lately, we may see an earlier than normal blooming of the Folgate.  Time will tell!

We look forward to a great season and wish to thank our customers and retailers for their support over the past two years  

Best wishes for a great summer!

The Dawn Brook Lavender Team

September Lavender Product Update

Dawn Brook Lavender products are now available at Seasons in Creemore!!  In addition to our lavender soap, Lavender Mist, Essential Oils and bundles, Kimberley has created lavender heart wreaths which are all available at Seasons!  We recently re-stocked The Stanton Stores in Blue Mountain (near Collingwood Ontario) and Stanton so come up and check out our amazing retailers.

Jenn at From The Blue House in Creemore, is busy making more soap for us, this time using Grosso essential oil.  We are almost sold-out of our first run of soap, so put in your order for this run quickly!

Dawn Brook Lavender Soap

And speaking of orders, during the first week of October, we will be placing our lavender plant order for May 2016.  Our plan is to offer lavender plants for sale during June of 2016, so if you want to start your own lavender garden let us know and we'll order plants for you that are suitable for growing in our climate here in Central Ontario.

Thanksgiving will soon be here and if you are visiting family and friends over the long weekend, please consider bringing the gift of lavender to your hosts. We just happen to have some wonderful lavender products sure to delight the people you hold dear during this colourful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Thank you and best wishes,

Your Dawn Brook Lavender Team (Leslie, Kimberley, Jacquelyn, Vic and Bryan)

The end of the 2015 harvest

August 31, we harvested the last of the Grosso cultivar.  A harvest that began with Folgate in late June, followed by Royal Velvet and then Mellisa in July and now Grosso in August marks the end of our  lavender growing season for this year. We still have some second growth on the  Meliisa and Royal Velvet  cultivars to harvest for wreaths and dried stocks, but they won't provide enough material for the production of hydrosol mist (lavender oil and water) or essential oil. 

However, during the course of the summer, we were able to distill good quantities of our lavender mist (hydrosol) and essential oil from three of our four cultivars. The scent from each is slightly different and we have had a great deal of fun with our farm customers and friends finding the fragrance they like the best. 

 Our lavender testing station. Melissa was the clear winner!

Our lavender testing station. Melissa was the clear winner!

We continue to produce more unique wreath designs in various sizes and we have a great supply of lavender oil (3 different sizes and from the Folgate, Melissa and Grosso cultivars).  As a result, our Lavender Mist also is available now in 3 different scents. 

Dried lavender bundles are now also being sold through Fiddle Foot Farm at the Orangeville and Creemore Farmers’ Markets. And beginning next week, we will begin selling our own lavender soap!  We are very excited about this latest expansion to our product offerings. 

So with the distillation and harvesting season now over, the Dawn Brook Lavender team (Leslie, Kimberley, Jacquelyn, Vic and Bryan), are now focused on the creation of lavender products that we hope will meet your decorating, health, household and pet needs.

Mid-August Update

The kickoff to the 2015 lavender product selling season began in earnest with our first Family and Friends event on August 9th. In person and on-line shoppers enjoyed a substantial discount and the people who visited the farm had an opportunity to see the operation of our farm along with  a wide range of products including our essential oil, hydrosol mist, dried lavender bundles, sachets and decorative items in person.   To those who came, we hope you enjoyed the day. We sure enjoyed having you here!  A big thank you to all who contributed to make the day a success.

A few days after Friends and Family Day, we had a chance to visit with Marie and Len who own the  Olde Stanton Stores in Stanton (Airport Road south of Mansfield) and Blue Mountain near Collingwood.  Both stores will again be carrying our products as will the Terra Nova Sweet Shope  in Terra Nova.    We hope to have an outlet in Creemore shortly.

As we write this update, our soap creator in Dunedin is busy manufacturing some exclusive lavender soap for us. The first batch, made with Folgate essential oil, will be on sale in mid September.    Soaps made with Melissa and then Grosso oil will follow as soon as the oil and the soaps have cured.

The south or "Dawn" field has now been completely harvested. As the number of flowering plants diminished, the number of bumble bees per plant rose dramatically. Harvesting the last Grosso plant was a challenge. In fact, we left the final bunches out in the field to keep the bees happy.

Please check back to the website  often as we will advise when more new lavender products become available and hopefully, the number of retail outlets increases. In the meantime, please feel free to shop on-line. We now ship for a $12 flat rate all over Canada!